Sign & Sing



A different approach from other sign language programs. Through songs, toys, and loving playtime between you and your child, Kindermusik Sign & Sing shows you many signs your child can use to communicate with you.

Using research-proven methods shown to speed language development in hearing children, you'll see how sign language can ease frustration and enhance long-term learning abilities for your child.

Hearing children who know signs, learn language almost twice as fast. As early as 11-14 months old, hearing children exposed to sign language put little sentences together faster than non-signing children, who do not begin to combine words into short sentences, such as "Da-da car" until the average age of 20 months.

Study conducted by Dr. Michelle Anthony and Dr. Reyna Lindert, Signing Smart program founders.

Benefits for your child and you:

• Communicate with your child even before she can form the words.

• Ease a child's frustration by helping her communicate what she needs. 

• Speed language development, and enhance long-term learning abilities.

• Know when your child is most ready to interact and learn.

• Learn sign language teaching methods for young children.

• Recognize and respond to your child's version of signs. 

• Learn when you play - you'll never have to memorize a list of signs. 

• 45 minute weekly class 


45 minute class for 10 weeks

Join us as we offer you proven techniques and strategies for beginning to communicate with your hearing child through American Sign Language (ASL). Through hands-on play, songs and activities in class, you will learn over 50 ASL signs.

Week #1 - Getting started.

Week #2 - Attention getting strategies.

Week #3 - Adaptation strategies.

Week #4 - Recognizing and responding to your child's  signs.

Week #5 - Review.

Week #6 - Facilitating early communication and long- term learning.

Week #7 - Responding to misused signs.

Week #8 - Understanding over-generalizations.

Week #9 - Beginning reading strategies.

Week #10 - Review. 

How do the At Home Materials add value to classes?

Kindermusik is much more than a weekly class and the Home Materials you receive are just the tools you need to continue that one-of-a-kind experience together as a family. While we plant the seeds of learning through music in the classroom, you will use the Home Resources at home to cultivate lifelong learning.

Family involvement in your child’s learning is a fundamental cornerstone of the Kindermusik philosophy because we believe the parent is the child’s most important teacher and the home is the most important place for a child’s learning to take root and grow. 

What is included in the Sign & Sing At Home Materials?

(Your registration for the 10 week class includes two sets, Level 1 and Level 2) 

•  Family Activity Guide - with tips, tools and activities to make learning fun and easy. 

•  Glossary DVD - shows 60 ASL signs shown with easy-to-remember mnemonics.

•  First signs Flashcards - clip-on flashcards that feature  photos of both children and adults using family-friendly American Sign

•  Language signs.

•  child accompanied by parent(s) or caregiver(s) 

•  limited to 10 children per class