18 Months - 3 1/2 Years

Can you sound like an elephant? Or hop like a bunny? Our Time encourages your toddler to uncover an engaging musical world while building confidence, self-control and communications skills. Singing, imitating sounds, rhyming and object identification foster language skills. Creative movement to various musical “moods” develops a sense of balance, timing and spatial awareness. Listening and turn-taking encourage blossoming social skills.

Kindermusik Our Time is designed for children 11⁄2 years to 31⁄2 years of age. Along with an accompanying parent or caregiver, children meet weekly for a 30-minute class and enjoy singing, moving, listening and interacting socially, and playing simple instruments. Exploration Time encourages a child's discovery of specially designed instruments, textures, sounds and movements; language skills are fostered with singing, sound imitation, and vocal play; Music and Movement Story Time encourages emergent literacy skills; and creative dancing affirms a child's urge to move.

Benefits for your child and you:

*Recognizes your toddler's need for both freedom to try and the assurance of your support.

*Educates you about the interactive nature of the total development of your child through music, movement and literacy.

*Promotes joyful music making as a community.

*Encourages the building of characteristics related to successful learning in school: self-confidence, curiosity, self-expression, social skills and cooperation.

*children accompanied by parent or caregiver

*4 non-sequential units offered in 15 week sessions

*limited to 10 children per class


45 minutes

Wiggles & Giggles -- The more than 30 songs, 15 dances, and eight different instruments create these unique music activities, designed to reflect the importance of movement in the life of a toddler.

Home Materials:  Double CD features 50 songs, sounds, and recordings of favorite activities from class; two story books—Watch Me! and Pete and P.J., to develop early literacy skills; Home Activity Book; and specially-made pair of zigzag blocks—instrument to develop rhythm and hand-eye coordination-all conveniently stored in a Wiggles & Giggles carry bag. Wiggles & Giggles Monthly Mini Themes:

  • Lessons 1-4: Above the Sea: We’re on the sea in boats and under the sea pretending to be fish! We’re splishing and splashing to help us explore steady beat - the underlying, regular pulse in music. Friendly water activities will bring the learning home from hand washing to bath time, Kindermusik lasts all week long
  • Lessons 5-8: Down in the Meadow: We’re moving fast - we’re moving slow! We explore tempo with our friends frog and squirrel down in the meadow, hopping, singing, dancing, and playing.
  • Lessons 9-12: Riding Here and There: Whoa Horsey! We are riding all around the countryside with lap bounces, instrument play along, dances and quiet snuggles. Join us as we explore tempos and patterns in music and everywhere!
  • Lessons 13-15: Love Somebody: We affirm how our love for our children along with movement and play nurture their learning in a profound way. In every Kindermusik class, there is lots of cozy face to face time, singing, rhyming, dance and play.


45 minutes

Away We Go! -- Hop on the train, get in the car, board the plane, and Away We Go! This class focuses on transportation, a favorite topic for toddlers who are on the go, go, go! Sing and play along with favorite songs, such as “I’ve Been Workin’ on the Railroad” and “Wheels on the Bus”. Explore fast and slow, smooth and bumpy, and high and low. Read stories about ways to get around. Shiny Dinah tells the story of a train, and Giddy-Up! has a horse, speedboat, racecar, and more to help you get where you want to go.

Home Materials: Double CD featuring songs from class; two interactive story books—Shiny Dinah and Giddy-Up! to develop early literacy skills; Home Activity Book, and two harmonicas designed for toddlers. Away We Go Monthly Mini Themes:

  • Lessons 1-4: Choo-Choo with You: Oh, we are a traveling bunch now! We take the train, drive the car, bounce, clap, and play! Choo-chooin’ fast and slow, we find new ways to experience tempo in music and poetry. And before we head for home, we steam into the station and stop for a snuggle!
  • Lessons 5-8: Hop On, Let’s Go! We giddy-UP horsey and then head DOWNtown on the bus. We dance together in a circle and all fall down! So much fun together wondering about ways to move and sing waaa-ay up high and waaa-ay down low.
  • Lessons 9-12: Round and Round Together: Wagons and airplanes, boats and wheels, and instrument play and circle dances - we’re going round and round together laughing and discovering up and down, smooth and bumpy, and all the magic ways to learn while having fun.
  • Lessons 13-15/16: Two in a Boat: We’re both parents and adventure buddies for our children as we float down the river or traverse bumpy rapids in boats we imagine for ourselves. We explore the smoothness of legato and the bumpiness of staccato. Hang on for a fun ride while we make music together!

How do the At Home Materials add value to classes?

Kindermusik is much more than a weekly class and the At Home Materials you receive are just the tools you need to continue that one-of-a-kind experience together as a family. While we plant the seeds of learning through music in the classroom, you will use the At Home Materials in your home to cultivate lifelong learning.

  1. •What if I already have these materials?

$35   Sibling Kit:

Available to families whose older children have previously completed the exact unit. Please contact us with any questions you have prior to paying. When you pay the full materials fee, you will receive the full materials kit.

What’s in the Sibling Kit?

Fall: Stir Drum, Home Activity Book, Carry Bag

Spring: Fiddlesticks, Home Activity Book, Carry Box