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Our private arts Preschool and Kindergarten in Las Cruces, New Mexico provides academic programs in a nurturing environment where children develop physically, emotionally, cognitively, and socially through playful preschool participation and exploration of the performing arts.


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Limited to 60 Students per Preschool Program,
and 15 Students for Kindergarten.



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If you are like most parents, you want to make the best choice for your child's early education and experiences. It can be confusing as to what is the best method and style of educational learning for your child.  But if you are certain that you want more than the typical educational setting for your preschooler, then take a look at ABC Academy Preschool & Kindergarten and find out that all learning environments are not the same.  We believe that children learn best when they are given the opportunity to move, create and explore! By incorporating movement and the arts with an early childhood education program, children have the great opportunity to discover their world in a whole new way! Integration of the arts offers children opportunities to assimilate and apply what they learn in relevant and meaningful ways.

Hands-on, project based learning addresses students multiple intelligences and learning styles. According to an article on the website of Americans For The Arts, arts based learning is not just something to do for fun, but is vital to the preschoolers learning and development:

Art Experiences that Promote

Preschool & Kindergarten Learning

Source: Young Children and the Arts: Making Creative Connections, 1998, pp. 11–12

  1.  Dance helps build motor control, body relationships, and a sense of direction.
  2.  Drawing, sculpting, and other visual arts develop spatial acuity.
  3.  Group activities, such as learning dance steps or singing songs, build social skills.
  4.  As children describe people and things in their world using pictures, body movements, and mime, they enhance their descriptive, nonverbal, cognitive capabilities.
  5.  Repeating stories, poems, and songs strengthens memory.
  6.  The art supplies children choose for their work reflects their approach to process and outcomes.

If the typical program is not what you are looking for in your child's education, we encourage you to call and book a tour and visit with our staff. We believe that you will agree that ABC Academy Preschool & Kindergarten is way more than you would expect in an early learning environment! ABC Academy Preschool & Kindergarten is an educational program only and is not a daycare. We do not offer daycare services of any kind.

If you think about it, your child has the rest of their academic life to attend "regular school" and sit behind a desk with 25-35 kids in each class. Why not choose an unforgettable, personal and amazing arts-based academic environment for Preschool and Kindergarten? Call us today!!!



Frequently Asked Questions about ABC Academy Prescbhool & Kindergarten

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Affording Private Educational Classes Is Easy

Refer a friend to classes and when they register, ask them to put your name on the enrollment form as the referring family. We will then award your account a $10 credit. Refer as many as you would like!  

2 referrals enrolled per week is equal to $80 per month in credits! We make it easy to take classes and we promise to take very good care of your friends!



CLICK HERE for video about creativity in education. (TED Talk with over 30 million views!)

Here is our moset recent video production.  Children ages 4-11 attented a one week themed camp early June 2015.




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