ABC Academy FAQ's



Frequently Asked Questions About ABC Academy Preschool
What can I expect in the way of academics?

Preschool: The Preschool focuses on the basics of Kindergarten readiness; letters, shapes, colors, numbers, counting, calendar, weather, writing, history, geography, holidays, socialization, class behavior and circle time, etc. Child guided themes are woven into the fabric of each area of the preschool, and activities are coordinated between all teachers
Kindergarten: ABC Academy is Las Cruces
' unique premier Kindergarten with the arts included! We focus on the development of the whole child and meeting each child's individual needs. What this means for your child is that the curriculum is based on their strengths and challenges, not the class as a whole. Your child will experience a learning environment that is structured but fun through traditional Kindergarten academics such as reading, writing, hands on science, history, and mathematics,  PLUS our all-inclusive performing arts classes that only ABC Academy can offer. Students have an amazing opportunity to experience their Kindergarten education in addition to lessons in Music with instruments (including piano), Theatre, Dance, Spanish and Arts.  Students are engaged in small group ratios of 1:10 or less allowing more one on one instruction.

Why should I consider ABC Academy Preschool & Kindergarten for my child?
ABC Academy is a choice for those parents that want more than the average in Pre-k and Kindergarten education for their child. What sets our programs apart is the arts based learning that each child experiences. Although we do teach the necessary academic skills taught in most preschools and kindergartens, we take it up a level and add excitement with introducing the skills through a great curriculum and the arts! There is never a boring moment because of the wonderful attention that is applied to the curriculum. Students are introduced to music (including piano), art, dance, theatre arts (dramatic play) and great fun. This in turn makes learning the basic educational skills a lot more interesting!
We are the program for those who are looking for and wanting more than just the average in education.

You say music and musical instruments. What do you mean by that?
ABC Academy students participate in age appropriate music curriculum as well as receive an introduction to instruments. What this means is that your child will sing songs, work with rhythms and rhythm instruments such as tom toms, shakers, sticks, triangles, bells, drum pads,etc., as well as pre-piano skills on keyboards. They will also learn to recognize other instruments and the sounds the instruments make. These instruments include the more common band instruments as well as orchestra instruments.

How much art do the students get and is it more crafts?
Students receive art class on a scheduled basis and of course there is some crafts to keep it fun and lively. After all, it is the "ooey-gooeyness" of crafts that makes things fun and memorable. But students will also learn about blending colors, work with a prism, learn about the great works of many different artists and more.

I want my child to really learn and not just play. How can I be assured that learning is happening?
You can be assured that your child is learning by several ways and systems we have in place. We offer two parent teacher conferences per school year, four performances, and materials are sent home on a regular basis showing their work and progress.

What about your teachers?
Our program has always been headed up with a degreed teacher that has special training or background in early childhood development. Other teachers are also screened for their education level, certifications and specialized training. We also hold regular trainings and attend special trainings for teachers of young children. All teachers are background checked and drug tested.

With all of the dance, theater, etc, is it all just moving and playing?
Of course not. There are set academic standards and syllabus that we follow as far as math, reading and writing skills. As well as learning the months of the year, days of the week, holidays, countries, manners and etiquette, social skills, table skills (through snack), sign language (Preschool) and Spanish (Kindergarten) and more. Our school has tables to work from, white boards, as well as  small motor and large motor equipment to enhance your child's learning. The arts based programs also follow a syllabus and theory. Nothing is ever left to chance. Your child will be learning a lot at ABC Academy Preschool & Kindergarten and you will be able to see a difference in their knowledge level and recollection levels very quickly.  We would encourage you to stop in and take a tour soon. Better yet, call ahead and book a personal tour so that our lead teacher can give you the tour and answer all of your questions.

Why do you say that arts based learning is an appropriate learning style for young children?
The benefits of arts based learning has been stated and demonstrated for many years now. The information is not really new, it just that more and more parents are beginning to  see and believe the information that fine arts educators have known for generations. There are studies as to brain development for babies and young children that are exposed to music training; fine motor skill improvement and reading readiness skills with visual arts; better vocabulary skills with theatre and drama and better physical health,confidence, problem solving skills and teamwork with dance. Arts based learning also helps with memory and retention skills. Young children exposed to regular classes in the arts, appear to be better prepared for and achieve higher in academic education settings. Many studies can be found on the internet.

Do you hold a meet your teacher event?
Actually, we take it to a higher level. In August before classes begin, we hold actually hold a Transition Day for you to attend with your child. This allows those that are already registered to experience the class and the teacher. Those that are contemplating registering in the class are also given an invitation to attend on this day to see if it is a good fit.

My Child is almost five.  What will your preschool class offer for him?
Some students are not able to meet the state cutoff on birth dates to start Kindergarten. ABC Academy Preschool can advance their skills greatly. The majority of our students go into public kindergarten already knowing their numbers, full alphabet, shapes, colors, toning in music, write their names and much much more. Our parents are well pleased at what their children learn in ABC Academy Preschool.

Do you offer extended day programs?
Yes, children have the option to attend Extended Day from Noon to 2:00pm,  Children bring their lunch on Extended days. After lunch and social time, children explore math, science, reading and writing  activities.

Are Parents allowed to attend class with their child?
We also offer events that parents can attend and join in with their children for fun and a bonding experience. Can parents attend every class with their child? No, we do not recommend that. First,  because we know that the reason you have selected our classes is to help to prepare your child for the public school experience. Attending every day will not accomplish this. Also, our insurance requires a background check on all people having close contact with all children. This is for your child's protection and it would be difficult to background check all parents. The majority of our parents select our programs because we do background check all staff and faculty. We hope you will understand.

Is ABC Academy geared more towards girls than boys?
Absolutely not! ABC Academy Preschool & Kindergarten materials and learning activities are geared towards both genders. Even in the drama module,"dramatic play" there are costumes and pieces for boys as well as girls. You will also find cars, trucks, road map carpets and much more geared towards young boys as well. But we do not tell the girls they cannot play with the cars and so we do not tell the boys that cannot put on a sparkle top hat as well (think of the many movie stars that started on Broadway and in college and high school musicals strutting a cane and top hat). At ABC Academy Preschool & Kindergarten, boys are allowed to be boys and girls are allowed to be girls. There is room for both and they both achieve higher levels through studying the arts along with the age appropriate academics.

How do I know that my child is getting the academics they need for future school years?
At ABC Academy Preschool & Kindergarten we track and make sure that the students are meeting and exceeding the New Mexico State requirements for their age. We understand the importance of meeting the state standards and objectives, but we also believe that young children can learn a lot more if given the opportunity in the right setting that is fun, creative and passionate about learning. We also understand that not all children learn the same way and we keep this in mind when setting the lesson plans for success.